It’s 2018 and UTARC is STILL alive, well, and meeting

Here is the announcement from our new President, Stefano Nerozzi, N5STT, for Spring 2018

I’m happy to announce that the first UTARC meeting of 2018 will be tomorrow, January 25 at 7pm in the main lounge on the 2nd floor of ETC.

The tentative schedule for the rest of the semester is the following:

Feb 6, Feb 22, Mar 6, Mar 22, Apr 3, Apr 19, May 1

Alternating between Tuesday and Thursday seemed the best option for everyone’s schedule in the past, so I decided to keep it that way.

Starting with the new semester I’d like to set up an agenda of topics of interest to be discussed in each meeting. Everyone’s suggestions are welcome!

1 thought on “It’s 2018 and UTARC is STILL alive, well, and meeting

  1. Bob,

    Ka4eie, Pensacola, Fl. Would like to donate some Amateur Radio’s and equipment to a University club.

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